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Stage 2 Standard Workshops Project of the Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park


Name of Project:
Taichung Stage 2 Standard Workshops Project of the Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park
Builder :
Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government
Design and Surveillance of Construction:
Yangruizhen Joint Architecture Firm
Project Overview:
Purpose: In order to help factories yet to be registered and small-to-medium-sized enterprises to have standard workshops and also to reduce the financial stress felt by manufacturers in purchasing workshops, the Taichung City Government plans to offer 39 units of standard workshops (each flexible unit is around 182 to 714 pings in area) and 323 small parking spaces that are either to be sold or leased. Each floor is designed with a different height and weight capacity in order to address the demands of the specific industry. Structure: RC. Building Scale: One basement as the parking lot and six floors above ground for workshops. Location: Lot No. 683-24 for the Baowen Section, Nantun District, Taichung City.
Started On:
Completed On: